Advisory for electronics business

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The client represented a small family Electronics Business providing a strong revenue stream to the Principal and his family.

The unexpected demise of the Principal necessitated the consideration of a closure or an urgent sale of the business operation.


Bryant & Bryant as part of their Business Advisory consultation, has  analysed the net assets of the business operation if the business was to be closed.

Bryant & Bryant considered the sale of the business operations in a short timeframe.

It was known that the surviving spouse had little involvement in the business operations. It was confirmed that an ongoing business operation would allow the surviving spouse the necessary income to allow for the accustomed lifestyle.

All possible cash resources had previously been injected into the business operation to minimise external funding leaving the surviving spouse with minimal cash resources.

Bryant & Bryant negotiated the opportunity with the key management to take an involvement in the business operations.


The business continues to profit and the business also continues to provide the ongoing remuneration to the surviving spouse.

Bryant & Bryant continues to provide ongoing advice and the back-office support to the business.

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