Merger & Acquisition support for electrical firm

Merger & Acquisition Support for electrical firm


This Electrical Business that grown from its infancy to a level of small to medium sized firm requiring capital in order to expand.

Traditional funding was not available in the economic environment and at the time to allow the growth required by business operation.

The two key individuals as joint Managing Directors of the business, were still youthful and required assistance in growing the business operations.


The excellent history of the business operations and the continual growth in its specific environment provided an excellent platform to be able to deal with offering same to the public at large.

The identification of a public entity shell that required a business opportunity, together with a recapitalisation of same and allowing for the two key individuals to take a controlling interest the public entity allowed the business to raise the necessary capital.

Bryant & Bryant were instrumental in the overall process and dealing with the necessary ASIC requirements in order to attend to the capital raising.


The outcome determined that both key individuals ended up with their expectation of seeing their business operation expand beyond their greatest belief, and allowing them to actively control the public entity.

The business continued to grow until it was subsequently absorbed into a larger public entity several years hence, allowing the two key individuals to happily retire.

Bryant & Bryant continues to provide the advice to the two key individuals.

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